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World premiere of Downriver!

The Michigan Creative Film Alliance world premiere of “Downriver”took place Thursday, April 25, 2013 at the Detroit Film Theatre. The program was followed by a dessert afterglow.

Kickstarter Campaign a success! You can still help...

Missed the Kickstarter campaign for our 2012 production, Downriver? Visit our SUPPORT page for other ways to help.

DOWNRIVER: In the wake of his father's sudden death, sixteen-year-old Alex is thrust from his posh, suburban lifestyle, into life on the other side of the tracks. There, Crystal, his older, estranged half-sister, rules the roost with her crazed son and live-in boyfriend. Alex’s struggle to build a home with Crystal, and her “downriver” family is the stuff heartfelt classic comedies are made of.

New team!

We’re pleased to announce that the 2012 Michigan Creative Film Alliance production team is now on board and is headed to Clarkston, MI this weekend for our first pre-production planning session. This year’s team is lead by producer Tinisha Brugnone (WSU), director Billy Jackson (UofM) and screenwriter Brandon Verdi (UofM) - plus 27 students (or recent grads) from Michigan State, University of Michigan, and Wayne State University who are among the most promising future filmmakers and industry professionals in the state

The LowdownThe crew of the 2011 MiCFA

The Michigan Creative Film Alliance is an exciting, joint venture between three top research universities: Michigan State University, University of Michigan, and Wayne State University. These universities proposed a historic, innovative, collaborative alliance to drive talent and resources toward the creation and sustainment of an indigenous film community across the state. This collaboration begins with a one-semester class for select students of the three universities. These students have the opportunity to create a short film, utilizing their own talents and skills while being mentored by top instructors in the field.

The Faculty

Michigan State University - Bob Albers, Troy Hale, Gary Reid, Valeta Wensloff

University of Michigan - Jim Burnstein, Robert Rayher

Wayne State University - Juanita Anderson


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